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tarandus 2015.01.08 11:11 


Metatrader has the habit of popping up windows if it is used with incorrect login data. Therefore, it seems, one cannot backtest automatically, i.e. start instances of Metatrader from a program, without having it log in to a demo account.

However, from time to time, logging in does not work even with correct login data, probably because the demo account server does not respond immediately. In these cases Metatrader still pops up a window and thus interrupts the automatic backtesting process. The only solution to this problem I know of is to manually close the window.

Is there really no way to do completely automatic backtests with Metatrader? Is there no way to tell Metatrader never to pop up any windows?

I can't believe it. Why would you do something manually, if you can do it automatically? Servers can try thousands of possibilities for a few dozen euros per month.

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