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Gatoreye 2015.03.29 10:03  

Thanks for your answer.

If that is how it works, could you answer me if I understood you correctly?

1) In order to get rid of removal messages and possibly for speed improvement, I have to attach these custom indicators(including standard indicators) to all timeframes/charts on each platform that my EA uses. Is that correct?

2) My EA gets more than 75% win ratio via Strategy Tester tested for the last one year , but in real time it hardly performs like that. I am trying to look for causes for this underperformance. I was suspecting that maybe, these uninit reason 1 removal messages on the platform was one of the causes. thinking that the called indicators were not available at the time needed. Can you assure me that code slippages(false values from unavailable indicators) will not occur?

I'd appreciate your responses very much.

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2015.03.29 13:46  

1 - That is how I usually do

2 - Strategy tester would always gives you winning chances since it is a virtual trade.

However, forward testing gives you how well the ea performs. Traders always have the handicapped set by broker such as slippage, slow execution, slow feeds etc.

If your ea performs poorly even when no such thing as uninit reason 1 happens, yeah, your ea do need some more attention in coding.

EA usually performs well when the market is trending, sideways will kill it along with your account.

Gatoreye 2015.03.29 14:28  
Have you attached the indicator to the chart? If not, the ea would have to call the indicator, get the value and the remove the indicator.
Are you 100% sure about this statement?
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