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PLEASE HELP: Problem with signals

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Hello all;

I've recently subscribed to a signal. However, it reads "signal provider has maximal volume of 10000, subscriber has 50" on my MT4 terminal.

I have a standard account with 100.000 maximum volume per lot and 500:1 leverage. I have 4300 USD in my account. Signal provider has 4100 USD in his account and uses 500:1 leverage. We are almost even with these.

When contacted the costumer care agent ( they told me that it's because the signal provider's maximal volume is 10.000 and mine is 100.000 that it couldn't synchronize correctly and couldn't figure out a way to help me. 

Can you please help me with this problem of mine? Right now I am unable to reap the benefits of the signal with a maxmial volume of 50.. And my broker can not help me!

By the way, I've attached a screenshot of what I see on my MT4 terminal.

Thanks in advance  for your time!

Warmest regards;




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