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Modifing existing EA

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Hi guys,

I am looking to implement a "hedge" strategy on an already existing EA.

This EA works great when I set it to trade only in the direction of the trend.
Identifying trends with a 200 EMA on a 4 hours chart.

The problem is that occasionally during corrections of the trend the opened positions that generate a negative profit become too bad and wipe out the account only because the margin available is finished, this before the trend can get back to it's normal direction and end up with does positions being in a huge profit.

Therefore I would like someone to help me to implement into this EA the coding needed for it to open automatically an opposite position to each loosing trade whenever the PnL of that position is -50 pips to cover for the losses of the positions opened by the EA.

Let's call the EA's losing position A and the position that I want to be opened B.

I would like B to be opened in the opposite direction of A, whenever A has -50 pips PnL.

Than B should be closed as soon as B's PnL comes back to 0.

I would like B to be opened every time A loses more then 50 pips.

Thank you in advance



You should use here ..
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