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False Indicator based entries

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vla 2014.12.23 14:48 

Hello folks,

as I have seen through the trade mt have made in the tester I found something I did not really understand:

   if(Close[1] > ma)

If this is the case a buy order should open and if Close[1] < Moving Average the Order should be closed.

But this happened: 

the Bar before Entry:
Close 87.530
High 87.550

MA 87.589 -------> order Opened and got closed a little later 


whroeder1 2014.12.23 16:06  
TheOneWhoKnocks: But this happened:
You buy at the Ask and closed at the Bid. Turn on the Ask line and you'll see the spread.
vla 2014.12.23 16:17  
thanks! I thought the spread might be a factor here.
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