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Freezing MT4: Default profile can not delete.

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I'd like to ask for help from some tech person with this.

OS WIN7, MT4 version:400, Build 745.

My MT4 became quite sluggish to the point of freezing during high volatility (report) times. If anyone Google "freezing mt4" search comes up with video on tube or written instructions.

To fix the problem I did follow recommendations / instructions that are posted everywhere on the net: (my charts on Default Profile) so go to mt4 properties, Open file location, go to Profiles, go to Default, delete all files in Default Profile.

This action should have erased all charts and at re-opening MT4 all should have been BLANK.

It is not. All charts in my Default remain. If looking back into Default Profile folder it is empty (as it should be.

No idea why. Well it may have something to do with the OS.

By the way I am running another comp where OS is WIN XP , same MT4 (745) build and it worked perfect there.

Separate question : if I manually close all charts (in MT4) one by one and then remove them completely does that technically do the same as doing it through process as described above.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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