Strategy Tester Optimization

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HI, I try to optimize 2 variables:

'buy' : value in program (as extern): 0.75 , start: -0.2,  step:0.05,  stop: 0.9

'close': value in program (as extern): 0.2, start 0.3, step: -0.05, stop: -0.6

when I run that on spx500 (the broker is fxcm), for a 1 month check (1.10 to 2.11), on 'open prices only',

The best result is different every time I run it even one after the other. (the spread for this is always 5 and never change)

and more than that: when I take from one of the result the best one, and write the variabiles in the program that new values,

take the extern out and run now again without optimization, I get other results that are very different than those above.

My question is: how all that can be. what am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance


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