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want to automatically declare ALERTS for all open orders

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Hi all,

in order to receive alerts (notification alert) from system, I want to automatically declare alerts and automatically update the list of allerts.

update list of alerts means that the list of alerts will follow the open orders and for each order there will be an alerts that will be opened automatically.

It can be done by deleting all alerts (lets say every given time, every few minutes) and automatically declare the list of alerts as was done in the first step. it can be done in much more suffisticate ways but the simple is enough for me.

in this way I need 2 steps:

1. declare alerts for all open orders.

2. wait a while, delete the existing alerts and do step 1 again. 

could anyone give an idea or a solution for such a task?



Syed Naufal Gaddafi
Syed Naufal Gaddafi  
It is better you ask here ...
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