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Can an EA excute ORDERS for 1 candle at a time ?

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Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell  


To whom this may concern, This is only for research purposes and will not used for live trading, the EA is only used for determining a WIN/LOSE ratio in relation to a martingale system

Trading Binary options, am looking for a simple answer. We will use an oscillator as an EA, in my example and keep it simple. We will use RSI (relative strength index), on a 30 minute chart. RSI with an input of 9 and OB/OS 65,35 respectfully. When we get a reversal candle signalling weakness, in this example, overbought, the EA will take a trade at the open of the following candle.

Then, at the close of the candle the EA will close the trade. Can this be done ?

The idea is to determine the WIN/LOSE ratio on a per candle basis from a indicators SIGNAL.

TO ADD if the candle continues in the up trend, so the first trade(candle) would lose, we take another trade at the open of the next candle and then close at the end of that candle. Again this would be repeated until a winning trade occurs.

The idea is to determine the maximum amount of losing trades before a winning trade occurs from a oscillators signal. This would also include backtesting and optimizing this setup, and later add filter to avoid FALSE reversals.

Skype ID : COGSx86 to further this conversation and possibly developing the EA..........and yes, this is a job request as well as an open discussion.

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