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[MT4 problem]cannot open expert properties

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cstsangac 2014.10.06 09:24 


my mt4 worked fine, but today after compiling my ea(during the tester was running), i cannot open the expert properties to modify

the parameters( but i can still start the testing and generate results )

when i click the expert properties, the whole mt4 seems to freeze, i cant click any button nor close the mt4(except using task manager).

the only working button is "esc" and everything turns to normal with clicking "esc" ,just like i have close an "invisible expert properties window".

i tried using other EAs in the tester, and rebooting my computer but problem is not solved.

anyone know why does it happened?

spec:  mt4 build 670, running on wine on ubuntu 12.04lts

thanks for your attention.

cstsangac 2014.10.07 11:42  
problem solved by re-installation. still dont know what caused the problem. thanks for your attention by the way.
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