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CSV file to USB drive in Meta-trader 4

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maindoor 2014.09.08 04:47 


I have MT4 installed in a usb-drive for portability purpose + I don't want to install it on windows as

it is not mine. I write the file in MT4 and read it when the file is written. But sometimes when the file is

closed by the MT4 indicator and I read the file, the file content is not yet present in the file and my

program is all messing up.

Is there anything special I need to do when writing to a USB drive ? Sorry I can't test it normally

as I don't have install access to the win7 machine I have.


whroeder1 2014.09.08 14:27  
maindoor:  program is all messing up.
Not closing all handles to the file, or closing the handle before writing and not checking return codes.
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