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MetaTrader Stop-Loss Order and Partial Profit with SL Trailing

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CuriousGeorge 2014.08.22 17:43 
Hi Guys
I have a problem, in Metatrader i would like to place an order such that i can place the SL to Entry point (Break Even- BE) when a trade hits the first TP (TP1) and At TP1 close 60% of lot, at TP2 close another 20% and at final TP close remaining 20%. I would also like the order to be cancelled if the initial stop loss is reached. 
Have worked how to download EA's and installed them however they seem very complicated to work, is there that will work for this and is simple?
Thank you very much

Curious George 
SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.08.23 02:04  

You can request here ...

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