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Weird Problem

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One of my MT4 platforms is an Alpari 509 build that I've always kept offline for back testing since the history data I've imported to its History Center has always remained imported with no problems.  For some reason, the latest EA I've tried to back test on the platform won't produce any results.  When I begin a back test, the green progress bar slowly makes its way to the end just as a normal back test does.  When it's finished, the squeezy toy sound sounds off just like at the end of any normal back test. 

However, when I open the chart, no trades are seen. 

When I check the Journal, I see that the EA loaded successfully, no errors are reported, but no record of trades is seen.

When I check the Graph, it's blank.

When I check the Results, it's blank.

When I check the Report, everything is 0s.

I've checked the platform by testing previous EAs on it and their back tests still produce results.

I've tested the new EA on a 670 build platform and the back tests produce results on it.

I've inquired with my coder whether or not the EA is coded to test on a 509 build and I've been sent the back test results of it on an Alpari 509 build.

So, the EA back tests on another Alpari 509 build, the EA back tests on a 670 build, previous EAs still back test on my Alpari 509 build, the EA loads successfully and takes the same amount of time to complete a back test as it normally would instead of immediately producing the squeezy toy sound, but no results are ever seen.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could possibly be?  

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