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Hermogenes Vidal Rodriguez
Hermogenes Vidal Rodriguez  
Good morning to all

Wear long time developing strategies renko graphics.

I would like to find partners who want to share ideas about renko graphics to create automated systems.

Would share development costs.

It's an idea, someone wants to join.

Kind regards.


Hi Hermo,

you have been helpful in past, so if you share your problem, i can assist you.

I have tried out some 'basic' strategies using Renko.

What i have tried out is similar to this video, however this video is fake. This kind of results cannot be achieved.

The Renko i have tried out is

1) based on the close value of variable time frame: it is not a separate graph, but built on the chart window

2) with variable entry and exit criteria (you can enter/ exit on first or chosen bar of a serie, like in the video, the enter is on second renko bar in the serie) 

3) variation of rise/fall can be selected: regardless of size of move, only one box size is moved per one bar of TF, or the whole move

Some positive results can be achieved, but no significant growth, and all this can be attributed to over-optimization.

My conclusion was that Renko is definitively a good criteria, but it is necessary to combine it with some kind of averaging or other method.
I have some long term plans to build it on a separate graph, 'true' renko, combined with some other trending criteria and averaging, but as already said, these are long term plans.

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