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Erroneous Optimization Results... I got the optimization blues and need a hand.

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Johnny C
Johnny C  

Hello everyone.


I am having major issues optimizing as of late. It seems the optimizer for mt4 build 646 is not functioning properly. I have a lot of experience´performing backtests and optimizing however in the last few weeks I have noticed some disturbing things. All of the optimization results I am getting are completely inaccurate. In the past if I backtested the results from optimizing they would match. Now the results I am getting from backtesting are completely different from what my optimizations are producing. I have tried many things including: fresh install of MT4, fresh install using a different broker, using metaquotes data, using tickstory data, using other 3rd party historical data, changing the EA I was trying to optimize, changing the parameters of the optimization, changing the modeling method and period, ect. All to no avail. I have many optimizations in the past and never had this kind of issue. I even tried reformatting the hard disk of my PC and installing windows 8.1 and the issue is still present. Can anyone think of anything that would cause this? I am out of ideas here. I really hope it is something embarrassingly easy that I overlooked, but I have checked and rechecked everything.

I attached a few screen shots of what I am seeing. Obviously the results do not look correct.


The EA is a simple grid EA that I had built. I have run backtests and optimizations with this EA before without any issues but this time around all the results are bogus.

Image 1: Optimization results showing the same statistics even though the parameters are different. Also crazy Profit Factors that are not in any way accurate.

Image 2: What the Optimization graph looks like. This is showing that all the results for a particular execution point regardless of the take profit are identical which is also inaccurate.

Image 3: The Optimization parameters

Image 4: The Optimization settings (30 minute period, 6 month every tick with a spread of 35 points)

Thanks for taking a look.
Ian Venner
Ian Venner  
Maybe you might try to run some optimization on one of the EAs included with MT4 (macd sample or moving averages) then if you still get erroneous results we could try to confirm that and also you could give the service desk something to work with.
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