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Getting error when checking Volume[0]

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Azael05x 2014.06.25 15:28 

I've written my EA, and it acts kind of strange on live but on tester it works all fine. On live it's giving me this error after what EA stops working

"2014.06.25 14:24:01.661    array out of range in 'Buy.mqh' (116,48)"

It's kind of strange because line 116 in that file is

"else if (BUYSTOP_MODIFY == 1 && Volume[0] == 1)"

so how can Volume array be out of range in this situation?? And why it works fine on tester, and not in live??

Maybe I need to use another way of checking if new bar opened

P.S. AdmiralMarkets MT4

Azael05x 2014.06.25 16:11  

Hmm find out that theoretically if I delete #property strict mode then it should work properly... But I want to understand how the system variable with index 0 could be out of bounds

Hmm, maybe it's something that when tick of new bar, which was formed, doesn't have that Volume[0]..

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