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"Ask Manual Confirmation" option is not confirming all trades.

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Kaustabh Ray
Kaustabh Ray 2014.06.20 19:47 

I have written an EA which takes trade positions (buy/sell) on bar openings. Suppose the EA is attached to a chart of H1 time-frame, the the EA will make trading decision on the opening of a new bar (i.e. every hour), and if the decision is a go, it does the trade (either buy or sell). You can have as many charts with the EA attached. The EA works fine as such. I usually open all the major forex pairs (28 in all ) in H1 time frame charts with this EA running on them.

The problem happens when "Ask Manual Confirmation" option is checked in the ~common~ tab of the EA properties for all the charts, or "Ask Manual Confirmation"in the ~Expert Advisors~ tab in Tools->Options menu. In such a case, when more than one trading call is made, only one is showing up as a trading window where you confirm (or cancel) the trade. The rest of the windows are not coming up.

To elaborate, suppose on a new bar, three diff pairs have been signaled for buy/sell. I should be seeing all the three confirmations coming up one after the other, instead only one comes up and the other two are not shown. So in effect, instead of making three trades, I make only one.

Has anybody encountered this before, or has any solution for it.


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