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needed: count all open buy and sell lots with total amount... i´ve searched but dont found.

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BigSchnitzel 2014.06.17 09:24 

hello coders,


i´ve search the whole forum for a indicator or script that counts all open buy and sell lots. but i didnt found some like this.



when i have  buy positions open like buy 0.6 /0.4/0.2  sell 0.2/0.1 the script or indikator must show me the total amount of all with this result:

Open buy Lots total: 1.2

Open sell Lots total: 0.3


it was very helpfully for me to get a script or indicator likes this. i hope someone can help me.



qjol 2014.06.17 10:31  

you have it in your platform it's called: "iExposure"

BigSchnitzel 2014.06.17 11:05  
rly?^^^ok, ive tested. OMG you are my hero!! thx alot!
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