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Suggestions for my signal provision service

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Marcos Correas
Marcos Correas 2014.06.16 13:16 
Hi friends!!.
I introduce myself briefly, my name is Marcos Correas, from Argentina. Please, sorry for my english!!!
I am a C/C++/ Python developer, and for a little time ago a newbie in the forex world. What most interests to me is from the developer point of view, I am fascinated by the wide variety of programming techniques that apply to forex (statistical analysis, numerical computation, machine learning, etc).
I have developed a communications library that allows me to communicate two or more EAs in the same o different MT4 terminal, on the same machine, in the same network or over the Internet (based on ZeroMQ over TCP / IP), and based on that library I want to develop a signal provisioning system (A master EA that sends trading signals both automatic as manual to slave EA of subscribed customers). As I did tell you before, I am a forex beginner, and my programming skills are much greater than my knowledge of trading, so I'm looking for suggestions of traders: What features are desirable in a signal provision system?
Thank you very much and Regards!!
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