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EA keeps asking for manual confirmation but all boxes un-ticked on EA and Options

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Hugh 2014.06.06 10:16 

Hi peeps,

I'm a bit confused as I've had an EA ( Drag SLTP ) working before which let me drag SLs and TPs by mouse without needing manual confirmation. Previously I disabled manual confirmation by unchecking it in Tools/Options and in the Properties of the EA...however Ive recently got a new PC running Win7, MT4 build 646, and this has got me a bit stumped because every time I try to change the SL or TP it automatically asks for confirmation.

I tried a different EA ( Quik Trailing ) but interestingly the same thing happened.

Also I've got the 1ClickTrading Ea built in and this too insists on asking me for manual confirmation.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance....

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