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Feature Request – Access Objects by Index - page 2

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Anon 2014.06.07 01:51  

The Extraterrestrial People brought this to my attention. Their systems are much more advanced that anything on the planet. So I think its safe to say there there is an efficiency issue.

I have already sent MetaQuotes a message see comment #973822. The point is that accessing objects by name, whether that is creating, modifying or deleting them is NEVER as efficient as accessing those objects by index.

It wastes cycles which equals money at the end of the day. If you multiply the total number of wasted cycles by the number of objects on all charts and global variables in all MT instances then you can see how its a bigger problem.


If you think it's something important not only for you, you can make the suggestion to Metaquotes by writing to the Service Desk.

But you can be sure you need more solid arguments than what you posted here.

Arguments are fine as they can and will do testing themselves to confirm results. It's about bringing the issues to their attention.
SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.06.07 02:02  

Mine ...

Support Team 2014.03.24 07:50
Status: X Completed + Open
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