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charlie101 2014.05.30 02:17 
There are many posts all over the Internet on the subject of Trading 'software' which claim to win at FOREX and Binary Options. I, (like many it appears), have used most of these 'products' and 'systems',... initially with the aim to achieve what they promised and then (after realising that they were all rubbish in one way or another) I used them for purposes of research to see if they were all as much a waste of time as each other or not.

It appears that most (if not all....) 'software' and trading systems out there simply exist just as lures, to lure us into depositing money with certain Brokers on the promise that their system/software will make us loads of money.!
However despite the apparent ability to buy the software it actually isn't possible to buy it because, according to the companies, they "want you to have the luxury and special priviledge of being able to use the software for free..........if of course you sign up and fund a new account with their special Broker with whom the software only works with"

Honestly, do you think we cannot see right through that BS!?

It is obvious that the 'company' makes their money from affiliation with Brokers and the commission payments they get from signups directed to that Broker! (...of around $200 per signup!)

How do I know this for a fact?....because I was offered these commissions by some Binary Options Broker sites if I used my software to lure people into signing up with the Broker!

I am from a software development background for over 30 years and I set up my business - Versis - to write decent new software for various projects/companies as I was so annoyed at all the rubbish out there.
I enjoy trading and wanted to write software that actually worked after being ripped off so many times. I did a thing called TradingPredictor which I have used successfully for two years now and after reading all the stories of so many people being let down and duped by rubbish out there I thought I should write something. I hope this is okay?

I thought this could/would be of interest to members here and I wanted to ask if and how I can share it as I do not want to break any rules of the forum.

I was keen to get feedback on the info/system/strategy/software that I did and also give members an opportunity to try it out for free to see if I was just being lucky with it or if indeed it was as good as it has been for me for two years.

I appreciate your time, help, advice and guidance.

Yours sincerely

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.05.30 22:16  

Only an idiot would run an executable file someone posted on a web forum.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.05.31 18:59  


If you want share something on this forum please post the source code. Otherwise we have to consider it as advertising.

Thank you.
khairul 2014.06.02 16:44  



 Cab you asssit me ?

khairul 2014.06.02 16:46  

Can you assist me ... ?? I need someone to help me.... I tired to loss anymore...
SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.06.03 00:56  

Can you assist me ... ?? I need someone to help me.... I tired to loss anymore...

The only way is that, you code your own ea. Don't depend on others. Nobody cares if you loss.
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