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help with code for my Ea

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Hi, i am creating my own Ea, i don't know of programming, so i contracted a programmer to help me. I am developing my Ea in the way i see what is doing for me. But i need to make some changes, maybe can somebody help me?

What the Ea does:

- Its a grid Ea, works with pending orders

- it opens a buy pending and a sell pending at 2 selected RSI levels.

The changes i need are:

If you look at the RSI graph, and you select the levels think of the space between the levels as the trading zone of RSI. So if selected levels are 30 - 70, this is the trading zone of RSI. It uses closed bar for opening pending orders

So the changes i need is to change the execution of the orders.

1.- Delete system 1 of Ea

2.- Actually pending orders are opened when the price crosses into non trading zone of RSI.

I need that the Ea opens the pending orders only when RSI is going from non trading zone RSI into the trading zone RSI (so when the price crosses into the non trading zone RSIhere it does not open orders, but it has to open them when it crosses back inside the trading zone RSI).

For example, not open when it goes from RSI level 69 to 71, but when it goes from 71 to 69 for highr level

3.- It has to close and delete all pending orders when the bar close in the non trading zone RSI

I attach picture of RSI levels explaining.

RSI execution explanation

Can anybody help me with this changes in my code?

Thank you!!


why not ask your programmer to it fot you, or maybe you can use this guys
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