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Renko chart backtesting - Is it possible to simulate....

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Daniel Petrovai
Daniel Petrovai 2014.05.02 08:39 

Hi all,

Here is a question for the experienced ones regarding the strategy tester :

Most of us know how difficult it is to run a proper backtest on a Renko, range bars and other synthetic charts, right ?

In this case, I'm talking about Renko.

Since the best data we have is the M1 history and we have to import the .cvs file as M1, one of the major problem I get is

the jump to open when a bar is completed and a reverse bar follows. I'm talking about a bearish bar followed by a bullish bar or a bullish followed by a bearish bar.

The bigger the box size, the bigger the jump.

This jump from the real open to the fake open of the bar can disturb the results significantly, especially when scalping .

I have tried the following ( MT4 instance, M1 hist data on 1 pair only, disconnected from server )

Creating the offline data :

with RenkoLive 3.3 EA running in strategy tester and having an offline chart feeding from the file created and updated by it, works.

The simulation of a live environment is satisfactory, ticks, no jumps, but, of course, attaching an EA to the offline chat will not send orders as there is no connection

and if there was, the requests will be way to far from the actual price.

So, the question is : Can the Strategy tester take its feed from a different source, other than the M1 hist file ?

Possibly another instance of MT4 ?

Is it possible to create a plugin or open a pipe in some way to feed the data into ST?

Is it possible to get signals from other charts in backtest?

And also, is it possible for two separate instances of MT4 to share files ?


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