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Andrew 2014.04.29 06:19 

Hey everyone,

the web agency I work for has a prospective client who is already a metatrader4 broker, and they are looking to build a website to allow their clients to log in and see a few basic bits of data, including their balance and possibly trading history. The website will be written in PHP, and I've scoured the web since yesterday trying to find information on how this can be done but to no avail - we don't need an api to trade through, just to grab information, have tried StackOverflow and countless pages of Google. He did send me a link to the mt4api site but as far as I can tell, this is an api used by software to connect to the server and not a web api? (I'm thinking along the lines of SOAP or similar).

Can anyone enlighten me here?



SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.04.29 06:46  

It can be done actually. You just write an EA which outputs the data to website and then parse the info via the php. No need fancy api.

My suggestion though. Maybe our seniors have a better suggestions.

Gayathri 2014.08.07 13:58  

Hi Everyone,

 I go with eyedea.andrew. I need the same. Please help me!

jmsicsw 2014.08.07 14:23  

I need something similar to this.

How i could login multiple users with investor password on my website?. I didnt found anything to do that login step and get user info.

Is needed a metatrader instance for each user?.

Halley 2014.08.07 20:19  
You need to use the multiterminal, but as far as I know it supports rather DLL plugins than MQL scripting.
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