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sorasit 2014.04.23 04:57 

Open pending order by Buy Stop.

If next bar open price with gap jump over buy stop level more than 10 pips.

How to delete pending order before change position from buy stop to buy order ?

thank you

qjol 2014.04.23 11:25  

if the gap makes the price jump over your buy stop level you can't delete it any more (OrderDelete) because the order has already triggered

you can close it (OrderClose) if you want

whroeder1 2014.04.23 15:45  

If it gaps up over your trigger it's already too late to delete it.

Don't use buystops in EAs. Those are for Humans that can't watch every tick of the day.

Have the EA check for price at or above your trigger price and less than your trigger + max slippage. Open an order. If it's above max, you've missed it.
sorasit 2014.04.24 07:15  
thank you
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