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Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2014.04.20 23:34 

In my initial topic I asked whether there may be a new release of MetaTrader4 because I had issues with 625/628 not migrating all data to the users folder.

Reference: Here

Let's assume you have no ~/.wine dir in your homedir and starting over from scratch. I am using Wine 1.7.16 here on Fedora 20.

1) Download mt4setup.exe

2) Enter "wine mt4setup.exe"

3) A new ~/.wine directory is created and MetaTrader 4 is installed as we know from MetaTrader 4 (509 and earlier).

4) Please create a desktop icon as well start the program after successful installation

5) You can enter your account data, create a demo account or do whatever you want.

6) Exit terminal.exe


Never run terminal.exe from command line using this - which is valid and works - but causes pain in relation with MetaTrader 4. Please note! This is supported by Wine. Only MetaTrader 4 seem to have issues with it.

cd (or you are in your homedir already)

wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/MetaTrader\ 4/terminal.exe

This will exactly cause the problems described.

In ".wine/drive_c/users/yourusername/Application\ Data/MetaQuotes/Terminal/" a new directory is created as described in the "new data directory" information provided by MetaQuotes (Like this here: /users/yourusername/Application Data/MetaQuotes/Terminal/2347502345723456237956237956" (example nr) ID directory). After you run terminal.exe that way you will see this big mess that I described. Only half of the information is being copied. terminal.exe is not able to find any servers, mails, ... empty!

Please make sure you run it that way:

cd (or you are in your homedir already)

wine "C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\terminal.exe"

This is important! Only this way terminal.exe is operating properly and finds all the data. In old x < 509 times this is no issue but the 6xx builds seem to have a different demand and requirement of how the command line is entered. I found this out by error and trial (looked a the origin.txt) which was created and empty.

Using above command will also NOT CREATE the "/users/yourusername/Application Data/MetaQuotes/Terminal/2347502345723456237956237956" (example nr) ID directory. Everything is kept in the installation folder as previously.

Also make sure that your desktop icon which wine creates has the correct naming scheme as listed above. Make sure the entries are correct and that you call terminal.exe with "C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\terminal.exe" rather the other way. I tell you, this gave me a hell of shit here for quite some time - after 6xx release.

Hope I was helpful.

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