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MT5 speeding away

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There are many many many changes going on in MT5
New tester results panel

It occurred to me that since having the new ability to move MT4 scripts into MT5 - that work in MT4 work will slow and not cover new features.

So............ I just want to mention.....
I think that well maybe 85% of users or more would benefit it MetaQuotes channelled some resources into the following "one" project in MT4.
Preferably at the expense of everything else.

Allow one symbol or textfile to be backtested with steps & watch in MT4.
i.e. not the full integration, not freeing up more threads to do extra efficient work, not stress testing, not the extras like picking up template.tpl.
But a hack - an unorthodox feature where you can step through code.
Maybe even export a symbol to Folder on the disk and it picks it up.
Just some kind of snapshot of data. And not even all data. Say only 1 minute data.
Enough so that you can work on logic. Finding where the breakdown is, why something is not working that should work.

And since it is only a hack - it could go into the betatesting build
Using the procedure that was used earlier.

Think it is worth mentioning because the Project Manager might have different priorities.

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