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Imran Pishori
Imran Pishori 2014.04.12 02:15 

Hi there could anyone possible help me with the following?

I would like to be able to define email address in a list, eg,;

Once i take a trade - I would like an email to be sent to the addresses in this list showing the following information (as an example):

Type : SELL

Symbol : AUDCAD

Price : 1.03130

S/L : 1.03400

T/P : 0.00

Please let me know if this is available already or if someone is able to kindly assist me in programming this.

Best Regards

Imran Pishori

Tjipke de Vries
Tjipke de Vries 2014.04.12 04:54  

Ask kindly at Jobs for someone who will be able to kindly assist you in programming this.
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