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MQL5 language supports OpenCL. Try it!
Alex 2014.04.14 12:54  
I am afraid that refresh event applied to an online chart forces data synchronization with the server.

Yes, that is true but anyway the script has the following two lines which should refresh the chart:


And according to qjol the script should work the way that the immediate historical bar modification is displayed. But as seen on the video it is not working in my case with B625.

qjol 2014.04.14 13:34  

no, Ovo is right

i did it on an offline chart

Alex 2014.04.14 16:11  

Well, I tried it on an offline chart and have again the same effect:

mrwayne 2014.04.27 09:10

I need help on something similar too .
Mine is an EA . I see many people that create their own custom charts use the write history file method .
The offline chart " Bars " doesn't show the right amount which is "1000" .The From and To also keeps on be opposite . With the code there ( I don't know where is wrong, I have no more idea where to modify it, everything seems fine to me . ), it keeps on showing waiting for update display only .
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