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Indicator's visual and calculated values

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I noticed that visual representation of indicators lines and their values that you can read from Data Window can be different for exactly the same EA, point on the screen when values are considered for calculation or just printed to the file.

I checked two indicators ADX and Stochastic (standard one that come with MetaTrader 4). Here is the example:

The attached screenshot shows what is on the screen and below the values I written to the file for Stochastic indicator:

ST Main - 96.4286

ST Signal - 95.6037

The values on the screenshot are:

ST Main - 98.0580

ST Signal - 93.9184

The deltas are 3.37 and 1.69 respectively. Quite a difference for Stochstic indication for making right decisions.

... And here is the pair for ADX (values from the file):

ADX - 28.5150

DI- - 11.9191

values from the screenshot:

ADX - 29.0454

DI- - 11.9191

This is how tester displays the data.

Could someone explain what the problem is? Some of my settings are off? Or it is inhereted problem plotting data onto the screen? Rounding numbers in a strange way?


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

Please don't double post. I removed your other similar post.

No screenshot attached. No code.

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