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Backtest problem with MT4 build 600+

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Andrea Lanza
Andrea Lanza 2014.03.27 21:46 


I write because I cannot find a solution to this problem and I hope you can help me.

From build 600 and above of MT4 (I currently have the latest version, build 625) I can no longer perform backtest with Volatility Factor EA and WallStreet FOREX Robot.

After reading M1 data, MT4 crashes as soon as the engines are attempting to open a position.

With Forex Diamond EA this does not happen and everything works perfectly (maybe Volatility Factor and WallStreet use DLL and Forex Diamond not?).

I put the EX4 under MQL4-->Experts, and the DLL under MQL4-->Libraries

This problem occour only in backtest mode and not in real mode, I contact the support but they answer to me that they don't have such problem.

Thank's in advance

Andrea Lanza

qjol 2014.03.27 23:23  
i don't know if it's gonna help, just a hunch, try download the history before you run the backtest, by using "F2" in the terminal
Andrea Lanza
Andrea Lanza 2014.03.28 09:06  

Finally supported team helped me to solve the problem.

Simply I need to attach the robot on a live chart before make the backtest.

Now works perfectly, thank you...


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