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Help with XSuper Trend Tape MTF

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This is a non repaint trend indicator and it works on a different time frame from your chart.

But imagine that you have this indicator in a 30 min configuration but on a 5 min chart then 6 bars (5 min each) will represent 1 bar (30 min).

Now imagine that we are in a up trend and it pass 20 min, so you will have 4 green bars. Suddenly the price change, and we start a down trend. In this case, all the 4 pass bars will change to red - all bars on the chart associated with a higher time-frame bar that is open will continue to update with the current status of the higher time-frame xsupertrend until that bar closes.

My question is:

Is it possible to change this indicator so it not change the previews bars? Only change from the moment that the trend change?


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