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trading multiple accounts

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DrZogg 2014.03.20 03:07 

Does anyone know if the new language in MT4 allows login of simultaneous accounts yet from one instance? Instead of having to maintain separate libraries be nice if I could maintain one and tell MT which account to use for which and the settings for that account.

It looks to me from the help documentation that I could certainly use code to switch accounts, by logging in, wonder if I could keep them both running and just send my orders to the relevant account.

D0n 2014.03.23 11:41  
I'm not sure if it is possible in the simple terminal. Also, I don't know if it is programmatically possible in multi terminal, too?

My best try would be to make several copies of the MT4 installation, start all of them (each on different account), then use pipes to communicate between the running EAs in each terminal.
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