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invalid license

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I have recompiled my old EA in new build 600, and cannot run it anymore.

On bactest, getting this:

2014.03.18 16:52:25.224 2014.02.03 00:00 breakout_ea_rev1 EURUSDnc,H1: Invalid license

If i try to put it on a chart, it is instantly removed.

It recompiles fine, just the usual warnings, no errors. But I think it's finding issues with my variable declarations.


extern int MaxTrades = 1;

then in code is a comparison

if(buys<MaxTrades ) something...

It will stop with "invalid license".

If that is the ONLY code, it will not stop. But burried in a bunch of other code, it will stop. I commented out line by line, until I found this variable stops the backtext. Commented out, it runs.

After I changed that aspect, then uncommented other code, it stops again.

Is there something new about variable declarition that has something to do with a "License".

For one, I am absolutely infuriated that Metaquotes shoved MQL5 down our throats. We voted by not using MT5 that we didn't want it, but that didn't stop them. They found another way to screw us.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
Build 600 is obsolete. Try build 610.
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