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Common Strategy Tester Problem - (name of EA): inputs (specified) - page 2

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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.03.20 14:07  

After a dozens of post you still don't provided any facts about your problem.

Old EA compiled with build 509, even with DLL, are still running well with build 610+. If you are not a coder there is no need to recompile your EA.

Chris1303 2014.03.20 15:10  
Problem: Unable to backtest EA (no trades, no results, no graph, the animation showing tje progress of testing simply stops half way) Fact nr 1: I see only one information in the Journal stated in the first post. Fact nr 2: I'm using MT4 build 610 Fact nr 3: EA is in the right direction. Fact nr 4: Problem exists even after recompiling. Fact nr 5: I could wait 24h and I would still see the progress stopped half way (no trades, no results, no graph) Fact nr 6: I can't post the code. IF it is impossible for you experts to help without that, simply tell me and I can close the thread. Is that enough?:)
Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.03.20 17:11  

It is not possible for someone to find the problem with your EA / Indicator combination without examining the code.

The strategy tester output you posted is not an error or a warning it is just standard information to show the EA inputs.

Chris1303 2014.03.20 18:57  

I understand. I`m sorry for wasting your time then.

I can close this thread.

Kind regards,


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