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Unique ID Generator for a Particular Indicator - page 4

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Bambang Sugianto
Bambang Sugianto  
I don't know which version of MT4 you are using, but on v616 on my computer, WindowFind() returns -1 during OnInit(). The documentation has always said "WindowFind() returns -1 if custom indicator searches itself when init() function works."

my version is 610.

oh my God.. every updates seem to be more bad and more bad.. not getting better.

i had an FFcalendar indicator.

i had repaired it with version 604.. and working well.

when i update to 610.. and i compiled it again.. it became error again..

so i give up.. and compiled again with version 509... hahaha ( because my version 604 has gone)

oops sorry.. you are right about WindowsFind retun -1 .

it only show when after i attach that indi.. then i change TF.. but the resulst is still unique


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