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acedubai 2014.03.07 02:22 

I have loaded and am testing an EA on 26 pair charts in a MT4 account. Whenever i edit the preset file, and save it, i am copying the preset file to all the 26 charts which becomes very time consuming and cumbersome.

Is there a simpler way to do this?

I want the edited and saved preset file to appear on all the chart pairs.

JPS1 2014.03.07 04:45  
I believe you can save a template that includes your expert and settings, then attached the template to all your charts or make it the default template and each newly opened chart will have same settings.
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.03.07 11:08  

I am using Link Sell Extension:

This way I centralized nearly all follders in the new MQL4 except Logs (even tester history ...) because I have installed the mt4 4 times to parallelize the optimization.

I works perfectly and I am very happy - EXCEPT that I am missing a mouse-button-option in mt4's Navigator-Window to reload its selectable files.

Right now one has to start the editor and compile a dummy file and only then I can use what I either created by another mt4-installation or copied into one of the MQL4-folder - sigh.


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