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2 things: Learning to set the Batman EA just right and some of the settings...

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Hi, everyone! New member posting for the first time and I am in need of a little help from those who are already using the EA in mention.

I have been tweaking the Batman EA to get it to work just right, but I am still unfamiliar with it's coding. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days and I like to find a setting that will make it trade only when it should (started out trading way too often and getting a lot of losses because of it).

I managed to calm it down a bit on my EURUSD M5 chart by setting the ATR on 100 and the factor on 3.0. I may have done too much, though, because now it is not trading when there is finally a decent trend. What would be the best setting for this EA on the M5 chart?

Also, I am a bit of a newbie on this forex stuff (about a month) and I am not sure what some of the other settings are for. The settings are listed below:





protect_profit (I am guessing this one may be a trailing stop, but I'm not sure)


To summarize, what is your favorite setting for the chart mentioned above and what are the settings in the list for?

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