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trendline fix to cursor

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steve21 2014.02.25 14:20 
i´m using the EasyOrder script, it´s perfect for my trading style, i trade small timeframes and tight StopLoss.
If i select Buy/Sell on the EasyOrder script the Sl line is upper the chart that i can see on my screen, so i have first to scroll on the price bar and squich the candles to see the sl line and select.
Thats annoing.

I´m looking for an script that can do this:
When i select for example buy on easyorder so it draws sl line in the chart,
now i need to push an hotkey (ctrl+x) and the sl line is selected and attached/fixed to the mouse cursor and
visible without scrolling the price bar.
Is something possible?

sorry for bad language i´m european

the name of the trendline is everytime "EASYORDER_NEW_SL"
-select (EASYORDER_NEW_SL) + fix on mouse cursor- that´s my idea
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.02.25 17:53  


If you can't find what you need in the Codebase or the Market, then you can create a request in Jobs Service.

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