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I Require an EA Backtesting ASAP Please!!

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Hello people, good day to you all! Is there anyone who can backtest an EA for me on the Natural Gas CFD?......I can only test it on the last month and start to forward test form now but I would like to backtest it ASAP as it appears to be a VERY profitable Algorithym. I will email the the EA to your personal email. The lucky person to reply could potentially be lucky enough to cash in on this low risk, low starting capital investment! My personal email is can reply on here or to my personal email!

Test report for you to view

Strategy Tester: TonyNG3 1 Order
Strategy Tester Report
TonyNG3 1 Order (Build 610)

SymbolNGAS-APR14 (Natural Gas US - April 2014. 1lot=10000)
Period5 Minutes (M5) 2014.01.31 13:15 - 2014.02.21 22:00
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameterslot=0.01; AutoLot=true;
Bars in test4096Ticks modelled183962Modelling quality53.99%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit500.00SpreadCurrent (10)
Total net profit15611.42Gross profit16967.01Gross loss-1355.59
Profit factor12.52Expected payoff1040.76
Absolute drawdown145.75Maximal drawdown6791.80 (53.64%)Relative drawdown55.30% (438.24)
Total trades15Short positions (won %)4 (100.00%)Long positions (won %)11 (90.91%)
Profit trades (% of total)14 (93.33%)Loss trades (% of total)1 (6.67%)
Largestprofit trade9607.68loss trade-1355.59
Averageprofit trade1211.93loss trade-1355.59
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)9 (4653.09)consecutive losses (loss in money)1 (-1355.59)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)12313.92 (5)consecutive loss (count of losses)-1355.59 (1)
Averageconsecutive wins7consecutive losses1

#TimeTypeOrderSizePriceS / LT / PProfitBalance
12014.01.31 18:00buy10.364.8204.5705.140
22014.02.03 18:05buy20.064.9224.6725.242
32014.02.04 13:42t/p10.365.1404.5705.140692.121192.12
42014.02.04 14:58t/p20.065.2424.6725.242115.451307.57
52014.02.04 18:00buy30.065.3345.0845.654
62014.02.05 13:22t/p30.065.6545.0845.654115.451423.02
72014.02.05 18:00sell40.455.1935.3235.053
82014.02.05 19:08t/p40.455.0535.3235.053379.151802.17
92014.02.06 18:05sell50.454.9565.0864.816
102014.02.07 09:03t/p50.454.8165.0864.816378.542180.71
112014.02.07 18:00sell60.454.7974.9274.657
122014.02.09 23:02t/p60.454.6574.9274.657379.152559.86
132014.02.10 18:05buy70.454.6174.3674.937
142014.02.11 18:00buy80.454.7734.5235.093
152014.02.11 21:48t/p70.454.9374.3674.937865.893425.75
162014.02.12 18:00buy90.455.0004.7505.320
172014.02.13 16:45t/p80.455.0934.5235.093863.674289.42
182014.02.13 18:15buy100.905.1444.8945.464
192014.02.14 01:37t/p90.455.3204.7505.320863.675153.09
202014.02.14 18:05sell110.905.2455.3755.105
212014.02.16 23:01s/l100.904.8944.8945.464-1355.593797.50
222014.02.16 23:01t/p110.905.1055.3755.105758.304555.80
232014.02.18 18:35buy125.404.7394.4895.059
242014.02.19 18:00buy130.904.8864.6365.206
252014.02.20 18:00buy140.904.9324.6825.252
262014.02.21 18:00buy150.904.9294.6795.249
272014.02.21 22:00close at stop150.905.0364.6795.249579.565135.36
282014.02.21 22:00close at stop140.905.0364.6825.252561.835697.19
292014.02.21 22:00close at stop130.905.0364.6365.206806.556503.74
302014.02.21 22:00close at stop125.405.0364.4895.0599607.6816111.42

Thanks in advance. Tony.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
See Jobs section for such request.
Thank you....!
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