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whroeder1 2014.02.25 13:50  
dasser: WHRoeder - I cannot see any text to you last reply other than euclid quote
I didn't post any. Just made euclid's quote a link
dasser 2014.02.25 14:35  

Ok the above code works -

In DEBUGView make sure 2 things are checked

1) Capture tab > CaptureWin32

2) Options tab > Force carriage returns

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.02.25 17:09  

Thanks for posting about this dasser I had not thought of outputting to the sys internals debug viewer thats very useful.

dasser 2014.02.25 17:44  

SDC - It is not my idea but has been so useful in teaching me MT language . Not sure who developed this concept for MT4 ..but ty them

I think the new MT4 editor has a debug system but I am yet to suss it out .. DEBUG view is so easy to leave on a separate screen ..

/ /12
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