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How to choose the most appropriate signal and subscribe to it in no time
Subgenius 2014.02.17 21:55 

I am trying to make an indicator to display a multimeter which will display bears and bulls power of all timeframes. (The multimeter works)

The problem is in the experts tab there are only up to 4 signals recorded at one time but this may only account for the first set of indicator calls which

are 4 indicators and this is the monthly indicators call. For some reason I dont get why I dont see up to 36 signals.

(Below is the printout of all signals that are taken by 4 indicators on 9 timeframes, only showing a max of 4 signals at any time)

I tried a couple different currency pairs and was still only able to see a max of 4 signals, so I believe it just may be because of the new mql5 Metaeditor

that my programming is not working in.. Could someone help me and take a look at my code?

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