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short question

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fxnew 2014.02.17 16:29 

I'm new to MT4 programming, I guess the answer to my question is simple:

in the definition part there is:

double A[];

in the program part there is:

A[0]=trend[1]; // trend[1] in this case has the value -1

Comment(trend[1]," ",A[0]);

now, when looking at the comment window by launching the (complete) indicator,

I see in the comment window -1 and 0 (-1 for trend[1] is correct) but I'd like to have the variable A[0] showing the same value ("-1"),

but it shows 0??

thanks in advance
Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2014.02.17 16:31  
Change double A[]; to double A[1];
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