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Ingvar Engelbrecht
Ingvar Engelbrecht  

Currently working on porting back an EA from MQL5 to MQL4. It was originally written i MQL4 but I needed the MultiCurrency functionality and tester functionality in MQL5 in order to

get it fully tested. I am now porting it back to MT4 using the compiler directives to be able to keep a single source and different incudes/classes.

In MQL4 filling an array can be done with iMA and I can do it so the newest value is at index 0.

In MQL5 its quite different and I also have to use the function ArraySetAsSeries to get it right

The ArraySetAsSeries is alo available in MQL4


What happens if I create an array with the help of iMA and put the latest entry at index 0 and have previously applied ArraySetAsSeries on that array?

Will it have any effect whatsoever? In what specific instances is it proper to use ArraySetAsSeries in MQL4?

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