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David Turner
David Turner 2014.02.13 06:15 

Good morning all,

I've been using MT4 for years and a spreadsheet I put together which calculates lot size and other bits and pieces for me that is fed from MT4 via DDE. It's worked fine for years, and now with the new build 600 upgrade, it's stopped working suddenly.

Nothing has changed in the spreadsheet.

I open spreadsheet, Excel asks me to confirm the external data source, I confirm that, Excel appears to connect to DDE server but no data comes through. I've tried the "DDE-Sample" spreadsheet included with the installation, same problem.

Has anyone experienced this and fixed it? Only I can't find anyway of sorting it.

Many thanks in advance

Dave :-)

qjol 2014.02.13 06:58  
show the relevent code
David Turner
David Turner 2014.02.13 07:04  

Hi Qjol,

Thanks ever so much for your reply, I know that all code is fine as nothing has changed there and the spreadsheet has worked perfectly for years, I have various calls to DDE, one of which is simply...


An update, is that I've discovered that the values being requested by Excel actually update when I do a "Save" on the spreadsheet, therefore, any code must be fine, so the issue is either...

a) Excel not pulling through info automatically / regularly from MT4's DDE Server (I've checked my "links" though and they are all set to automatic)

b) MT4's DDE Server not pushing it through

Nothing has changed with my Excel, the only change recently has been upgrade on MT4 to Build 600, which is what has led me to believe that's the problem. Anyone using DDE on build 600 successfully?


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