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Incredibly Annoying Date Range Bug In Strategy Tester - Solution? - page 3

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Hahaha that's the way matey sink your teeth in. It was a problem with my vps - after checking my virtual drive it was down to under a gig. I've wiped excess terminals and data did a clean install of my pepperstone terminal and downloaded data direct from metaquotes - everything is now working fine.

Regarding PC's/Tabs/VPS

a) I'm traveling, my galaxy tab 2 is much lighter and slimmer than a laptop

b) I'm backtesting aggressive scalpers so will only really be testing 2 years at a time max - the huge hst files you speak of aren't really an issue

c) I have a PC back home, my vps service actually performs backtesting faster as it is dedicated ie no non trading clutter, limited background services. VPS is 2.7 ghz I think my home pc is 2.13 dual but don't have the specs handy.

d) I take my trading very seriously, I trade full time with my own money. I'd rather sink funds into trading than into unnecessary hardware.

e) Remote desktop on Android tab is actually quite good (wouldn't bother on a phone) the annoying part I was speaking about is right click through touch n hold doesn't work in mt4 (works fine on desktop) so I have to intermittently switch to mouse mode when I need right click. Will take this up with Microsoft but not sure if they'll sort it as it's a program specific issue

If you ever need a holiday without putting work on hold I highly recommend a tablet/vps combination... though my next investment hardware wise is going to be one of those nifty windows 8 laptop/tablet combos

Thanks guys if I end up needing period converter ill be sure to do a search. Happy trading :D

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  

Hi "Shyftus",

I also use a tablet (iPad) when on the go. I also use an Bluetooth keyboard (which is part of the tablet cover/case), so I tend to use allot of keyboard short-cuts, to be less dependant on mouse/touch control. However, when I really need to do complicated things I usually pull out my DELL Inspiron Duo (a convertible notebook/tablet). It is easier to use when I really need to get productive.

As for the problem with the "right-click", it is not a Microsoft issue, but rather an App issue on the Android device. When I was selecting remote control apps on the iPad, I also had that problem on some of them but finally settled on "iTap RDP" for my VPS and "TeamViewer" to access my Home PC when on the go. Unfortunately, "iTap" has discontinued their app and I will be looking for a new one soon.

So, look into other apps on Android and see which one works best and does not have the right-click problem.

Best regards!

EDIT: While searching for an alternative for "iTap" I discovered that Microsoft also has an RDP app. Maybe that was why you said you would complain to Microsoft. However, on the IOS version I did not have that right-click problem (maybe it is just an Android bug).

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