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OP_BuyLimit - Error 130

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John 2014.02.04 00:15 

I am trying to make a simple EA that can open and close limit orders at specific times. Every time I run the code I get an Error 130. The take profit and stop loss both look right. Could anyone look at the code and see if they can give me a better idea of what is causing the error?

Here is a piece of the code. The full EA is attached.


I spent all weekend trying to figure this out but didn't have any luck. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.02.04 00:32  

See this document : Requirements and Limitations in Making Trades.

A buy limit order have to be placed below market price, not above or it will be triggered immediately.

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