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Charts permanently "Waiting for update"

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Guy 2014.01.16 16:16 

Hi folks,

I have just downloaded MetaTrader4 as instructed by a trading programme I have joined. I seem to be having trouble getting realtime charts. When I initially opened my platform there were four charts all set to a timeline of 4hours. So I changed to a timeline of 1minute but they now just sit there with a black screen permanently displaying the words- Waiting for update.

I have noticed that in the bottom right corner of the screen it says "no connection", is this anything to do with it. If so, how do I access it as it asks for a password and login which I don't have.

If it's not this, can anyone tell me what I might have missed.

Many thanks


whroeder1 2014.01.16 16:37  
How can it update if there is "no connection?" file -> open an account
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