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Need a Divergence EA

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Jens Ploner
Jens Ploner  
I'm currently looking for someone who can create an ea using 3 indicators:
- FX5 Divergence
- RSI Divergence
- Stochastic Divergence
an Trade should be executed if one of thoose 3 indicators indicates a divergence but stay out if i.e. there is up or down divergence right next to each other.
Also I would need a TP, SL, Martingale (incl. T/P, S/L for a max. of 5 Levels), Number of trades per chart, Trading Hours & Slippage feature.

please let me know if someone can help me out with that. I was pretty successful with this strategy but it's also very timeintensive observing charts for a possible divergence.

I would need this EA for MT4.



Try here
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